Legend of the Rougarou

werewolfMany supernatural creatures have cemented their fame throughout history. Loch Ness Monster, Sasquatch, The Abdominal Snowman and Big Foot and basically the celebrities of the supernatural nature world. Down in South Louisiana, the myth of the Rougarou has dominated the bayou for centuries. The bayou-roaming creature is described as having a human body with the head of a dog or wolf, much like a werewolf. The story of the Rougarou is apart of rich Louisiana folklore that is still passed on today. Over the weekend the folks down in Houma, LA. celebrated the 5th annual Rougarou Festival that USA TODAY ranked as top 10 best costume parties in the United States. This Halloween, be on the look out for the Rougarou, whether you’re around the bayou or not.

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